OHH YA — January 24, 2017


I hoped this wouldn’t happen again… :( — October 18, 2016
Im not gone/dead! Don’t worry!! — September 20, 2016

Im not gone/dead! Don’t worry!!

I didn’t quit my website again, Im just taking a break! I will start posting again when im like in the mood i guess? Probably on the weekend I will post something. (I hope that when I start drawing again I will draw the whole suicide squad, except el diablo and captain boomerang. I will use the Chibi versions of the characters drawn by Cartooning 4 Kids!

Even more sorry — September 5, 2016

Even more sorry

I am leaving for a 4 day school trip on Tuesday, so will be gone pretty ┬ámuch all week. So sorry! I promise I will post on Saturday! I know I didnt post for 2 weeks, I’m sorry ;(.

See ya on saturday! (If I have time tonight, I will try maybe I can post a drawing.

Request drawings!

Sorry — September 2, 2016
— August 26, 2016
Drawings — August 24, 2016


Ok here are: Papyrus, as requested. PEKKA (which is a drawing I made a LONG time ago, but really liked it so posting it now), and as a little extra, a drawing of two Clash of Clans Giants taking a selfie! (Fun fact: This was my first drawing, and the one that made me like drawing :D)


FullSizeRender (2).jpg


Hope you like them!


Will post about 1 time every 2 days. —
REQUEST DRAWINGS PLZ — August 21, 2016
Captain Origamis Request: Rhett and Link sketch — August 20, 2016